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OFFER Processing of the reinforcing steel

  1. steel used for reinforcing concrete
  2. prefabricated reinforcement
  3. reinforcing baskets
  4. constructive profile steel
  5. steel construction
  6. services


    Steel used for reinforcing concrete
  • Reinforcing bars
  • Reinforcing nets
  • Binded wire

  • Prefabricated reinforcement
  • Made according to order and building project, our staff working up the technical documentation owns theoretical knowledge as well as the practise, that is why reinforcement which will arrive to Your building site, is made according to building craft and carefully described as to proceed the installment of prefabricates without useless waste of time.
  • Steelworking runs on the modern machines (BVM, MEP, STEMA PEDAX) which are controlled by computers. Thanks to that our products are marked with big precision and size repeatability. It also shortens the time which is needed for realising the order.
  • Difference of machines which are in the equipment of our engine park allows us on realisation of simple elements (stirrups, bars) as well as the more complicated ones (radial reinforcement, three-dimensional figures) and enables parallell realisation of few orders.
  • Reinforcement ordered in our firm is delivered on the building site not later than in five work days from the day when the order was made.

  • Reinforcing baskets
  • We prepare and deliver ready-made reinforcing baskets to building site for substructure piles, dense partitions, pillars, beams, substrings and wreaths
  • We have two automatic machines for prefabrication of typical reinforcing baskets for substructure piles. Elements produced by using these machines are marked with big precision and size repeatability. They are also long-lasting and resistant on damages connected with transport and installment on the building site. They do not have joints on pleat on the spiral and do not have installment attachments in order to be economical.
  • More complicated, non-typical baskets we produce by traditional method on the welding position
  • We are realising orders for typical and special baskets with diameter from 0,2 meter to 1,5 meter and with lenght to 18 meters (as a single element over 18 meters is made from two elements connected to each other), reinforced with bars to 32 and spiral to 12.

  • Constructive profile steel

    Steel construction
  • In our production institution we also prepare prefabrications of steel constructions for example roof framings, trusses, framings of elevator shaft constructions.

  • Prefabrication of an entrusted fabric,
  • Installment of the reinforcement on the building site,
  • Installment of the steel constructions,
  • Cargo transport; broadsided / open semitrailers, to 15 meters.
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